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Our experienced physiotherapy team is here to help you prevent, and recover from your injury and pain. Our injury and rehabilitation services are focused on the accurate assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of injuries and conditions that are limiting your function and causing pain. Whether you are an athlete striving for peak performance, a weekend warrior, or dealing with everyday musculoskeletal pain, our experienced team is here to help you recovery, rehabilitate, and achieve your health and performance goals.

Our injury & rehabilitation services encompass a wide variety of assessments, treatments, and techniques, individualised for you dependent on your injury and/or pain presentation. This includes: 

1. In-Depth Musculoskeletal Assessment & Testing

A thorough assessment using our contemporary technology to obtain baseline range of motion, strength, power, and dynamic stability/balance data provides us the foundation to deliver individualised care.

2. Manual Therapy & Soft Tissue Techniques

A variety of techniques may be used to reduce initial pain and target specific goals such as improving range of motion and tissue tone. Learn more about ​our Treatment & Therapy.

3. Individual Rehabilitation & Therapy Program

A tailored strength, mobility, and function program is then implemented to target areas of weakness and address deficits that are contributing to your pain and injury presentation. Additionally, specific rehabilitation may also be completed in the gym facility to enhance strength and function.

4. Re-Testing & Treatment — Maximising Results

Following your initial consultation, a plan is developed in collaboration with you including re-testing and therapy consultations to continue your rehabilitation and therapy journey.

5. Support & Guidance

Throughout the process, continuous support and guidance is provided to ensure you achieve your health and performance goals. We educate you throughout your rehabilitation and stretch therapy journey on injury prevention strategies and high-performance strategies.

Our injury & rehabilitation services are suitable for a wide range of individuals, including:

  • Athletes and sports enthusiasts of all levels, including youth and adolescent athletes
  • People recovering from musculoskeletal injuries or experiencing pain
  • Individuals experiencing chronic muscle or joint pain
  • Those who have recently or are awaiting to undergo joint/muscle surgery
  • Anyone looking to enhance their return to function with guided support

We address a variety of conditions, including but not limited to:

Sports Injury Rehab

Using the technology from elite sport, we ensure your sports injury rehabilitation is optimised to get you back to full fitness. A complete reconditioning service, from the clinic right through to the pitch.

Pre & Post-Operative Rehab

Optimal rehabilitation following surgery is crucial for enhanced outcomes. Our pre & post operative rehabilitation uses specific technology and equipment to guide you through the rehab stages and get you back to full function and performance.

Youth/Adolescent Rehab

Youth & adolescent athletes are not 'small adults'. We use our extensive experience treating and management youth/adolescent athletes to ensure return to sport is enhanced, allowing you to get back to developing and improving your game.

Chronic Injury Reconditioning

Suffering with long-term chronic pain? Our experienced team can help identify the cause of pain, factors contributing to your pain through testing & screening, and provide individual treatment and rehabilitation to get you back to function.

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