VO2 Max testing using the VO2 Master, provides a data-driven and reliable report about your body's (cardiovascular system) ability to uptake, transport and use oxygen during strenuous activity. Essentially, it is a measure of how efficient you are at using oxygen and remove carbon dioxide; highly important qualities required for maximal performance and efficiency in your sport.

Your VO2 Max is a key indicator of endurance and anaerobic performance, vital in sports such as running, triathlons, football, AFL, cycling, swimming and rowing. VO2 Max testing at GymTherapy uses highly specialised equipment (VO2 Master) to ensure the data obtained is reliable & valid, allowing for personalised recommendations that help you get the most out of your training and achieve your performance goals.  

VO2 Max testing includes a complete pre-screening process, warm-up and testing. This includes:

1. In-Depth Pre-Assessment Screening & History
On completion of your booking, you will receive an email to complete our pre-assessment questionnaire, important for us to ensure which protocol is most appropriate for you and your goals along with a medical questionnaire. Please complete this prior to arriving.

2. Training History & Events History
On arrival, we will discuss your current training, training goals along with the protocol that will be completed. This allows us to provide specific recommendations following the test that align with your training and performance goals.

3. Mask Fitting & Warm Up
The VO2 Master mask is then fitted to your face to ensure functionality and comfort. A graded warm up is then completed before completing the protocol

4. VO2 Max Testing
We then guide you through VO2 Max testing. Various protocols may be used, either completed on a treadmill, bike or rowing machine dependent on your sport.

5. Support & Guidance
Throughout the process, continuous support and guidance is provided to ensure you are comfortable throughout. We then discuss the results, along with our follow-up consultation where we discuss the results in more detail and provide individualised recommendations. The report can also be sent to your coach to allow for specific training recommendations.

VO2 Max testing is suitable for a wide range of individuals who perform in sports where endurance is important:

  • Runners
  • Multi-sport athletes (triathletes)
  • Rowers and cyclists
  • Team sport athletes (football/AFL)
  • Anyone looking to gain data-driven insights into their VO2 Max and endurance function

Choosing VO2 Max testing GymTherapy means you will:

  • Understand your heart rate, ventilatory thresholds, pace/power zones specific for you
  • Use the data to enhance and optimise your training specific for you and your goals.
  • Enhance your oxygen uptake ability
  • Personalised training recommendations
  • Guidance on factors contributing to your VO2 Max and athletic performance

You will learn about several aspects of your cardiovascular fitness, including:

  • VO2 Max: Is a measure of the body's capacity to maximally uptake oxygen from the environment and use it in skeletal muscle during intense full-body exercise (maximal oxygen consumption). It is considered the gold-standard measurement for cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Training Zones: Training zones are calculated based on the relationship between your VO2 Max, heart rate, and mechanical output (power/pace). By completing VO2 Max testing, it allows for accurate prescription of these training zones, optimising training and performance.
  • Pulmonary Diffusion Capacity: One of the factors that determines VO2 Max, it describes the ability of the lungs to uptake large volumes of air ad exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide through the alveoli.
  • Cardiac Output: The ability of the heart to pump large volumes of oxygenated blood.
  • Oxygen Carrying Capacity of the Blood: The amount of oxygen that can be transported to the muscle, important for VO2 Max.
  • Skeletal Muscle Oxygen Extraction: Describes the muscle's ability to uptake and utilise oxygen for function.
  • Ventilatory Thresholds: Describes the relationship between physical exertion and ventilation. During VO2 Max testing, two key ventilatory thresholds (VT1 & VT2) are identified, which allows for specific training recommendations that improve these values moving forward.

VO2 Max Testing


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Complete VO2 Max testing using the VO2 Master
VO2 Max testing report
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