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Our experienced team is here to help you gain data-driven insights into your health, performance, and guide you to enhanced function. Regardless of whether you're struggling with joint pain, looking to prevent injury into the lifespan or a footballer looking to enhance your athletic potential, our experienced team is here to help. Our team of registered practitioners has a wealth of experience, bringing the knowledge, technology, and systems from elite sports into the private clinical setting to provide data-driven insights that help you reach your performance, reconditioning and health goals.

Our strong programs encompass a wide variety of assessments, treatments, training, and techniques, individualised for you dependent on your injury and/or goals. This includes: 

1. In-Depth Musculoskeletal Assessment & Testing

A thorough assessment using our contemporary technology to obtain baseline range of motion, strength, power, and dynamic stability/balance data provides us the foundation to deliver individualised care.

2. Reduce Pain - Manual Therapy & Soft Tissue Techniques

A variety of techniques may be used to reduce initial pain and target specific goals such as improving range of motion and tissue tone. Learn more about ​our Treatment & Therapy.

3. Individual Strength & Function Program

A tailored strength, mobility, and function program is then implemented to target areas of weakness and address deficits that are contributing to your pain and injury presentation. This includes specific gym based reconditioning of key functional areas to enhance performance.

4. Technology Interventions — Maximising Results

We utilise technology, used within elite sport, to maximise your strength and function development. This includes the use of our monitoring technology to re-assess and adjust your program, along with modalities such as The Compex to provide electrical muscle stimulation to maximise strength and activation patterns.

5. Support & Guidance

Throughout the process, continuous support and guidance is provided to ensure you achieve your health and performance goals. We educate you throughout the program on injury prevention and high-performance strategies.

Physiotherapy & stretch therapy is suitable for a wide range of individuals, including:

  • Footballer athletes of all levels, including youth/adolescent footballers
  • Those suffering with joint pain, particularly knee or lower back pain
  • Individuals looking to enhance long term function and prevent injury into the lifespan
  • Those who are awaiting or have recently had knee joint or spinal surgery
  • Anyone looking to enhance their overall musculoskeletal health

We address a variety of conditions, including but not limited to:

We address a variety of variables important to enhance performance & injury prevention, including:

  • Strength Asymmetries
  • Reduced Dynamic Stability
  • Footballer Specific Power
  • Balance
  • Acceleration & Maximal Speed

Strong Knees

A specialised, holistic approach to optimising knee performance, function and health through the lifespan. We identify the causes of knee pain through testing and implement treatment, therapy and reconditioning to achieve strong knees.

Resilient Back

Do you have frequent flair ups in back pain or weakness? Our resilient back program provides data-driven insights into your core strength and function, that allows for individualised treatment, therapy and programming to achieve a resilient back.

Healthy Ageing & Injury Prevention

This program focusses on testing for the key markers of longevity and injury risk areas throughout the lifespan, providing key insights along with training strategies to allow to be strong, functional and do the things you love.

Footballer Athlete

Looking to enhance your performance on the pitch? With our extensive experience in elite football, we use the strategies, testing, and training from the professional environment and bring it to you to help you perform and achieve your full potential.

Adolescent/Youth Athlete

Youth & Adolescent athletes are not just 'small adults'. With our experience in managing development and maturation of youth/adolescent athletes, we use contemporary technology to maximise performance and achieve full athletic potential.

Return to Gym

Looking to get back into the gym but are unsure how? With our experienced, integrated team, we use the strategies from elite sport to assess, educate and guide you to a safe, injury-free return to gym activity & a healthy lifestyle.

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Whether you are looking for elite physiotherapy and rehabilitation for your injury or are looking to gain data-driven insights into your health, performance and injury prevention, GymTherapy is here to help you achieve your health & fitness goals.

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