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GymTherapy provides a comprehensive physiotherapy service to patients looking to reduce pain, enhance function, and achieve their health and performance goals. 

With my background in elite professional sports, I have always been passionate about optimising performance, injury rehabilitation, and how the body functions during various activities and sports. In the treatment of elite athletes, various techniques and strategies are used to ensure the athlete maintains their fitness and function, whilst still rehabilitating the injury.

Usually, clients who have struggled in the past to rehabilitate from injury and return to health have had sub-optimal rehabilitation that was not integrated with the client's personal trainer/coach. A collaborative, integrated approach is key to optimising rehabilitation from injury, where professionals work together to ensure clients reach their return to health and performance goals. This is our approach.

To provide integrated therapy services that ensure you can still work towards your health and fitness goals, whilst rehabilitating your injury. We work together, when applicable, with your personal trainer/coach to ensure a collaborative approach to your rehabilitation journey occurs and you can continue to work towards your fitness and health goals. 


About Stephen Valassakis


Stephen Valassakis

Stephen has operated in a variety of sports, education, and clinical physiotherapy settings in the United Kingdom and Australia. With extensive experience in elite sports, musculoskeletal, and post-operative rehabilitation, Stephen provides the highest level of care, attention to detail, and service to his patients.

His experience includes:

  • Therapist as part of medical team at Burnley Football Club (English Premier League)

  • Head Physiotherapist for the Australian Indigenous Roos & Koalas 

  • Physiotherapist for Salford City Football Club (English Football League)

  • Head Physiotherapist for Tranmere Rovers Football Club (English Football League)

  • Consultant Physiotherapist at Oldham Athletic Football Club (National League)

  • Professional and semi-professional Rugby in the United Kingdom & Australia

  • A variety of clinical private practice settings in the United Kingdom & Australia


​While Stephen is experienced in treating and managing all areas of musculoskeletal and sports injuries, he has a particular interest and expertise in:

  • Sports injury rehabilitation - such as hamstring strains & various other muscle/tendon injuries

  • Complex hip and groin pain

  • Orthopaedic rehabilitation - particular interest in ACL reconstruction, tendon repairs, and joint arthroscopy/debridement

  • Running-related injuries - such as Runner's knee, Achilles,and gluteal tendinopathy

  • Injury prevention and mitigation through specialised programs for various sports

  • Shoulder dislocation/subluxation rehabilitation for the overhead athlete

  • Lower back pain - particular interest in nerve and disc-related pathologies


Stephen's passion and ethos is to provide high-performance care to all patients. To enhance client health, improve their function, and help them achieve their health and performance goals. 

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